Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to have the best sport betting experience without being restricted to a single online bookmarkers, then you need a Betslip converter. Our Tool is reliable, fast and FREE to use!

No, you don’t need to have special skills to be able to use our free online conversion tool. You simply need to supply what is asked or fill up the form and submit for your request to be processed. provide FREE online tool that can be used by punters to convert the betslip generated from online bookmakers. There is no limit to number of betslip you can convert.

This FREE online betslip converter tool carefully reads the content of the betslip code submitted via the form. Then it goes to the newly selected bookmakers from the down list and make those selections on their platform, generates a new code and return this code as output. This is done in the background within a short period of time.

Many punters from all over the world can benefit from this website that offers free online Betslip converter Tool.

This website does not require users to register and enter their personal information to use our Betslip Converter Tool. However we encourage that you subscribe to ur newsletter so as to not miss out of our great promotional offers.

It will only take a few seconds to read the content of the betslip code supplied/entered into our website. Then it will return a processed data (Generate a new code)

We at give great value to your privacy that is why we don’t save or store your content in our database.

The whole process is entirely automatic using a unique algorithm that carefully reads the content of the code supplied.

Everybody is free to navigate and use all our Betslip Converter Tool, Be rest assured that we will not sell or trade your personal

Information to a third party. However, we may share it to a service provider that work with us in fulfilling our business operations.